Installation of Service
We require a signature on our applications prior to service being installed. Installation of service is provided as quickly as possible in the utmost professional manner possible. From order to installation, the time is typically no more than 5 working days. If new construction is needed to provide service, a customer may expect to receive service within one (1) month.

Deposit Requirements
A deposit is required if a customer’s credit is not satisfactory when checked at the credit bureau. Customer deposits are refundable after a period of twelve months, if the customer’s account has not been delinquent more than twice, or the customer’s service has not been disconnected for non-payment during the past twelve months. Interest earned on this deposit will be credited to your statement each month.

Disconnection / Reconnection Policy
All bills are due before your next billing cycle. If your payment has not been received, a second notice will be mailed. This notice includes the amount and the actual date your service will be disconnected if the bill remains unpaid.  If your service is disconnected, you must pay your entire bill, plus a reconnection fee. A deposit may also be required, as well. The amount of the deposit will be based on the average of two months’ bills.

Each account is subject to a penalty if the account is not paid by the next billing date.

Return Check Policy
There will be a service charge applied for any returned check. Written notice and/or a telephone call is made alerting the customer of the returned check. The customer will have one (1) week to pick up the check or make arrangements for payment, at which time the service charge will be due and payable. The customer must contact our office if the check is to be redeposited, we do NOT redeposit without the customer asking. If a check is redeposited, the service charge will be applied to the bill.

Bank Draft Payments
Bank draft auto pay is available to all customers. Customer’s who participate in the bank draft program may expect to have their bank account drafted 10 days following their billing cycle.

Through cooperation with the Public Service Commission, Ardmore Telephone Company offers the Lifeline program to help eligible customers with the cost of their phone bill. For more information about Lifeline, click here.

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