Ardmore Telephone Voice Services

Our voice services include local/home phone, advanced calling features and voice mail.

Giles & Lincoln Counties

Local Service / Basic Telephone: $13.00 per month

Limestone County

Local Service / Basic Telephone: $15.73 per month

Madison County

Local Service / Basic Telephone: $16.30 per month

Contact Information

Business Office: 256-423-2131
After Hours Trouble Report: 256-423-2122

Click HERE for information about Lifeline Services and to see if you qualify for assistance with your telephone or broadband bill.


Calling Features

Please click on a tab below to read a description of the Custom Calling and CLASS Calling Features we offer.

Custom Calling Features

Call forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls automatically to any other telephone you can dial within the continental U.S.A. without the assistance of an operator.

This service lets you answer a second call while you are using your telephone.
The Cancel Call Waiting feature allows the residential user to defer the Call Waiting feature to prevent Call Waiting tones from interrupting calls or disrupting data transmissions.
Speed calling provides one-digit codes for put to 8 of the telephone numbers you call most. You can dial both local and long distance calls with speed calling.
With Teen Service, your subscriber will know who a call is for before answering the phone. This feature allows the assignment of two telephone numbers to the same line, with distinctive ringing patterns provided for each.
This service lets you add a third person to your conversation.
Warm Line gives your subscriber and their family normal access to their phone, plus a safety factor in emergency situations. In an emergency, your subscriber may not be able to dial normally due to injury or panic. With Warm Line, all that’s required is taking the phone off the hook-after 30 seconds; a pre-designated number is automatically dialed.

CLASS Services

With CLASS service features, use the “*” and “#” keys on your touch tone phones, along with the number codes, to use the services. This service also works with calls made to or from available telephones.

Allows you to block calls from up to eight numbers. You can either block selected numbers ahead of time (See “Making and Changing Lists”), or block repeat calls. In either case, the caller is rerouted to a recorded message and your phone does not ring. You always begin by accessing your Call Block service.

Enables you to see the telephone number of persons calling from within your service area before the call is answered. After the first full ring, the caller’s number appears on the caller ID unit purchased separately and attached to your telephone. The type of information and the number of calls that will be displayed are dependent upon the display unit.

Allows you to select another telephone number where calls are to be forwarded, and then limits the forwarded calls to just the numbers on you Preferred Call Forwarding list. You begin by making your list of up to eight “preferred” numbers after accessing your Preferred Call Forwarding service.
Return calls to the last number that called you, whether or not you answered the phone.
Screens incoming calls. You begin by making your list of up to eight “selected” numbers after accessing your Call Selector service. (See “Making and Changing Lists.”) Your phone will signal you with a special right (short-long-short ring cycle) when someone from your list is calling.
Allows you to initiate an automatic trace of the last call you received. Your telephone company will automatically receive a message containing the phone number where the obscene or abusive call originated (if within the service area), plus the time and date of the call.
Automatically redials the last number you dialed.
Have difficulty waking up? Allow this special feature to aid you.

Voice Mail Instructions

Press 1 to get NEW MESSAGES:
1 = Repeat message
2 = Save message
3 = Delete message
4 = Reply to message
5 = Copy message
# = Leave as new message and go to next message
* = Back to main menu
Press 2 to SEND a MESSAGE:
– Enter 10 digit number or group list then press ##
– Record message and press #
– To send message press #
Press 3 to work with GREETINGS MENU:
1 = Personal greeting
2 = Extended absence greeting
3 = System generated greeting or change recording of name
5 = Greeting they will hear while you’re on the phone
6 = Out of hours greeting
* = Exit menu
Press 4 to change MAILBOX SETTINGS:
1 = Work w/group list
2 = Hands free and time saver options
3 = Security options
5 = Notification options
6 = Additional settings
* = Exit menu
Press 6 to hear DELETED MESSAGES:
1 = Repeat
2 = Restore
3 = Permanently delete
4 = Reply
5 = Send a copy
EXIT / LEAVE Mailbox and log-on as another subscriber:
To EXIT Mailbox:
– Dial *

Leave mailbox and log-on as another subscriber:
– Enter 10 digit phone number followed by #
– Enter pin code followed by #

Helpful Hints:
– Dial 0

Limestone County: 256-423-6245
Madison County: 256-420-6245
Giles County: 427-6245
Lincoln County: 427-6245

New Market: 256-379-6245
Elkmont: 256-732-6245
Minor Hill: 565-6245
McBurg: 732-6245




Local: 256-423-2131
Toll Free: 800-830-9946
After Hours: 256-423-2122


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